Smart Street Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – LED Street Light Replacement Project

Why are the lights being changed?
The cost of Street Lighting in the Bathurst local government area last financial year was in excess of $1.2 million dollars. Replacing current lighting with LED lights will reduce the amount of electricity used by more than 60% saving Council significant money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Maintenance and operational costs charged by Essential Energy will also be reduced as LED lamps have a much longer life than current streetlight technologies. Overall the project will save approximately 50% of current street lighting costs.
LED lights have other advantages including that there is less light spill outside of the area which is intended to be lit.

The lights appear a different colour than the streetlights we had before. Why is this?
Before the roll-out of LED a lot of Bathurst streetlights were high pressure sodium lights which gave a very yellow light. The colour temperature of the LED lights will be 4000K (whiter, daylight like) for main roads and some intersections. This colour temperature has been shown to provide increased safety where there is higher traffic volume. The colour temperature of LED lights deployed in residential areas will be 3000K. This is a warmer colour, generally preferred by residents.

When will the replacement program start and how long will it take?
Essential Energy contractors will commence deployment of the LED lights in late-November 2019. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by mid 2020.

Why did a light in my street get missed?
As part of its Smart Communities program Council is planning for the deployment of smart controls and sensor technology using the Street Light Network. Council has quarantined approximately 200 streetlights from the initial deployment to later install lights that will allow environmental or other sensors to be attached to the light. The technology is not quite ready so these lights will be deployed at a later date.

What are you doing to the heritage street lights in the CBD?
Heritage listed lights in the CBD, Machattie Park, Kings Parade and Chifley Park are not being changed as part of this initial project. Council will investigate LED technology for these lights at a later time. A key requirement will be that any change will not impact on the heritage value of the lights.

The lights outside of my place looks very different to what was there before – why?
Over the years as Bathurst has grown many different types of lights have been installed. The number of different types of lights reduces the efficiency of operating the streetlight network and makes it more expensive. In addition, some of the decorative style lights are much more expensive to replace with LED (up to four times more expensive). Council in consultation with Essential Energy has decided to standardise the types of streetlights across the city to improve efficiencies and reduce ongoing costs.

What impact will the work have in my street?
Essential Energy will have two or three crews working on the LED upgrade in Bathurst. Crews will have a truck and cherry picker and will move street by street through the city. Generally, they will change all of the lights in a street at the one time.

Who do I call if a light in my street is not working?
If you notice a streetlight is not working it should be reported to Essential Energy by calling 13 20 80 (24 hours / 7 days a week), or by visiting

Keep up to date with progress of the LED installation on the Essential Energy project page  

The map will be updated weekly as work on the LED installation progresses across the city.