Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric vehicles are going to become more common, we know that. Australia no longer has a car manufacturing industry, so the vehicles we buy come from Europe, Asia and the USA. Most European manufacturers and many of the others have set targets to replace their existing vehicle range with cars that are wholly or partly powered by electric motors.

This means that the Australian automotive landscape is going to change, whether we are ready for it or not.

Bathurst Regional Council sees this as an opportunity, rather than a problem. Electric vehicles, by their nature, are safer, less polluting, quieter, cheaper to run and more efficient. However, there is currently insufficient infrastructure for travellers.

If you own an electric vehicle or EV, you generally top your car up overnight on a domestic power point, just as you would your phone or smart device. Travellers need fast charging locations located along key tourist routes and that is why Council supported the installation of the Tesla Supercharger and NRMA fast charger stations adjacent to the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre. These stations, primarily funded by those organisations, now allow people to travel from Sydney, through Bathurst and onto Central NSW. As more chargers are rolled out in the region in the coming months, additional journeys will be enabled.

This supports the local economy by ensuring that travellers can continue to visit our region, regardless of the type of car they drive.

Council is now looking at other key gateway, destination and tourist attraction sites so that our community continues to be a Smart Community and adapt to the rapidly changing automotive landscape. Council will also test the use of EVs in the Council fleet so that we are able to adopt this technology as it becomes more common place.

Download information about both these projects below:-

Bathurst Regional Council - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charge Stations