ACSTEI Technology Park

The establishment of the Australian Centre for Science, Technology and Emerging Industries (ACSTEI) also referred to as the Technology Park was an initiative of the former Bathurst City Council. Over the past four years Council has been involved in obtaining funding and researching the possibility of creating a Technology Park in Bathurst.

Aim of Technology Park

To attract city dwellers to the region and to create employment opportunities for the youth of the Bathurst region, using next generation emerging industries.


The proposed Technology Park is to be located in Panorama Avenue between the Land and Property Information and TAFE buildings and is directly opposite Charles Sturt University.

Project Research

With funding from the Premiers Department, Dr Forgan was selected to research the possibility of creating a Technology Park in Bathurst and he spent time in the area to examine suitable location. Following several visits he formed the opinion that Bathurst was an ideal location, primarily for the following reasons:

  • It is a university city
  • It has a young population and, most importantly
  • It had a parcel of land ideally located.


Council received funding for the ACSTEI project from the Government for Dr Forgan to prepare a Model which was necessary to advance the project the next stage. It was estimated that the preparation of the model would cost $100,000. Funding for the ACSTEI project was obtained from:

  • Premiers Department in the sum of $50,000
  • Country Energy in the sum of $15,000
  • Charles Sturt University in the sum of $15,000
  • Bathurst (or Bathurst Regional) Council in the sum of $20,000
  • TAFE agreed to make land available towards the project.

Technology Park Model

The Model was presented in 2003 and copy of the Model is available from Bathurst Regional Council's Environmental, Planning and Building Services Department.

Future Direction

Council is currently focused on attracting an anchor tenant and are looking into a number of South Korean companies willing to invest in the park. It is anticipated that once an agreement has been made with an investor, the park would take five to ten years to complete. A copy of the ACSTEI brochure is available for downloading below. For additional information, please contact either:

Robert Ollis - Phone: 0409 847288
Dr Tom Forgan OAM, Project Champion -Phone: 0408 446 404
Kylie Denyer (Bathurst Regional Council) - Phone: 02 6333 6213