Policies & Plans


This section includes studies, plans, policies and other documentation carried out by Council to control and guide the future planning of the region.

Planning Instruments

Bathurst Regional Local Environmental Plan 2014, as amended

Bathurst Regional Development Control Plan 2014, as amended

Bathurst Regional Local Approvals Policy 2013

Land Use and Heritage Strategies

Bathurst Region Heritage Study 2007

Bathurst Region Rural Strategy 2008

Bathurst Region Urban Strategy 2007

Eglinton Village Expansion Local Environmental Study 2006

Flood Planning

Bathurst Flood Plain Management Plan, as amended

Georges Plains Floodplain Risk Management Study 2008

Perthville Floodplain Management Study 1994

Sofala Floodplain Risk Management Study 2007

Developer Contributions

Section 94 Developer Contribution Plans:

Bathurst CBD Car Parking
Bathurst Regional Community Facilities
Bathurst Regional Open Space
Bathurst Regional Traffic Generating Development
Bathurst Regional Rural Roadworks
Eglinton Open Space and Drainage
Hereford Street
Jordan Creek Stormwater Drainage Management
Robin Hill Road and Drainage Construction
Raglan Creek Stormwater Drainage Management
Roadworks - New Residential Subdivisions
Sawpit Creek (East) Stormwater Drainage Management

Traffic, Transport and Access

Bathurst CBD Beautification Scheme & Supplementary Report 1998

Bathurst CBD Car Parking Strategy 2013

Bathurst CBD Car Parking Strategy Supplementary Report 2015

Bathurst City Traffic Study 1997

Bathurst Community Access & Cycling Plan 2011

Bathurst Southern Ring Road Route Study 2008

Kelso Traffic Access Study

Housing and Open Space

Bathurst Housing Strategy 2001

Bathurst Open Space Study 1993

Economy, Population and Tourism

Bathurst CBD & Bulky Goods Development Strategy 2011

Community profile

Community atlas

Economic profile

Population forecast

Mount Panorama Regional Tourism and Recreation Strategy 2003


Engineering Guidelines (excluding Drawings)

Standard Drawings


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