Planning Controls/Instruments


Council's planning instruments regulate development through the use of land use zones and development standards at a local level.

The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) sets the land uses within zones which are permissible with or without development consent and those which are prohibited. The Development Control Plan (DCP) compliments the LEP and provides the detailed development standards for various types of developments within the Bathurst region. The DCP also provides guidance on other development matters such as heritage, signage, colour schemes, landscaping and crime prevention.

The plans which apply to the Bathurst Region are amended from time to time to reflect strategic changes, to amend standards, or as a result of a request from a landowner. Details of the draft plans will be listed below.

There are a number of planning instruments which apply to the Bathurst region. Details of those Plans are listed below:

The Bathurst Region is also subject to a number of State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs). SEPPs deal with issues significant to NSW and are made by the Minister for Planning. These policies may apply to all of NSW or specific areas of the State. For a list of SEPPs, visit the NSW Legislation website (search "Browse in Force" then "EPIs" and select "S").