The Theo Barker Memorial Lecture

The 2019 Theo Barker Memorial Lecture will be presented by Ms Barbara Hickson in City Hall at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC) on the evening of Friday, August 16th. The evening’s programme will begin at 6:30pm. Please arrive to be seated prior to that time. This is a free event.

The title of Ms Hickson’s lecture will be “Let’s Do Heritage Differently”

SYNOPSIS OF LECTURE: With over 22-years’ experience in heritage management, Barbara Hickson believes there are many things, large and small, that we might do differently so as to be more inclusive, more informed, and less adversarial.

There can to be a lot of negativity about owning a heritage building, be it a home or a business. You can’t do just what you like! Don’t you hate how “they” can tell you what to do with your own place? Or perhaps you are among those who fear the loss of our built heritage for the sake of “progress”.

Barbara’s lecture will explore options for making the management of our heritage a positive and successful experience for all concerned.

In her lecture, Barbara will discuss possible changes to current heritage management practices from the way we heritage list places to owners preparing their own conservation strategies, and consider incentives we might provide owners, while keeping faith with the wider public interest.

ABOUT BARBARA: Barbara Hickson is an architect and a heritage adviser. Graduating from Sydney University she became a Federal Government architect in 1974, and after a decade in Sydney made a ‘tree change’ to Rylstone and 100 acres of bush.

Continuing as a self-employed architect, Barbara was invited to become a heritage adviser by the NSW Heritage Council, a Master of Heritage Conservation degree followed.

As a heritage adviser Barbara has worked for 13 different NSW councils, travelling throughout the west and north west of NSW, carrying out many local projects. Barbara served as heritage adviser to Bathurst Council for almost 22 years.

Barbara has won several National Trust Awards, a highlight being The Cathy Donnelly Award in 2007 as the Outstanding Female Heritage Professional.

ABOUT THE LECTURE SERIES: This free public lecture, co-hosted by Bathurst District Historical Society and Bathurst Regional Council, is held every two years in memory of Theo Barker, Bathurst historian. Having commenced in 2005, this is the eighth lecture presented in the series.



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