What is Heritage?


What is heritage?

Heritage is those items and places that are valued by the community and is conserved and preserved for future generations. People commonly equate heritage with historic buildings but the concept is much wider and includes items and places with natural heritage significance and Aboriginal heritage significance. Although these categories are covered by different pieces of legislation, in reality they often overlap.

Heritage values can be ranked at different scales from local to world significance. Individual items or places may be valued according to their rarity or because they are a particularly good example of their kind. Judging these qualities is inevitably subjective but professional guidelines are provided in the Australian Natural Heritage Charter and The Burra Charter: The Australia ICOMOS Charter for places of cultural significance.

Why does heritage matter?

Heritage is valued by the community because it provides links to the past and contributes to our sense of place. Heritage provides reference points in history, it illustrates natural processes, and it presents opportunities for education and research.

We all value places for different reasons and heritage is expressed in our collective sense of value. Heritage enriches our lives and the loss of any item makes us all poorer.

Heritage Strategy

In accordance with the NSW Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage requirements, Bathurst Regional Council has prepared and adopted a Heritage Strategy that outlines the actions and strategies that Council will undertake during the 3 year funding agreement to support local government heritage management.

The preparation of this Strategy not only fulfils the requirements of the Heritage Division funding requirements but also reflects the proactive approach to heritage preservation and management taken by Bathurst Regional Council. The strategy identifies how Council, in conjunction with the community, will identify, protect, support and promote heritage conservation.

Heritage Strategy 2014 - 2017
Heritage Strategy 2011/12 to 2013/14

Heritage Strategy 2011/12 Annual Report
Heritage Strategy 2012/13 Annual Report
Heritage Strategy review - key achievements

Heritage Asset Register

Council has prepared a Heritage Asset Register of those properties of heritage significance owned or in the care and control of the former Bathurst City Council.

This register includes an inventory of the assets including built heritage, cultural landscapes and moveable heritage and also includes an action plan for the ongoing maintenance of each of those places. Bathurst Regional Council will update the register to reflect the heritage assets owned by the new Regional Council.

Finding more information

State Heritage Inventory

The State Heritage Inventory is managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage. It is a list of heritage items and places in New South Wales including Aboriginal Places, State and Local Heritage Items and sites within Heritage Conservation Areas listed under Local Environmental Plans. Click here to search for information on heritage properties within Bathurst Local Government Area.

Bathurst District Historical Society

The Bathurst District Historical Society can undertake general and archival research for a fee. Please visit their website for more information.


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