What house is that?

Heritage Victoria have a heritage website which contains information on different architectural styles in Victoria, (which are comparative to those in Bathurst), from the early Victorian period through to modern architecture. As house styles have changed over time, sometimes gradually and sometimes dramatically, they reflect the attitudes and ideas of the time and remain as a built reminder of the collective unconscious of each architectural era.

When people choose to live in a house from an earlier architectural period, they usually want to preserve the original features and character. This website can assist in achieving that objective. It describes the main details of houses still present in Melbourne, (and elsewhere in the country), including their cultural background, key exterior and interior features and colour schemes. This information will assist owners when renovating, such as avoiding the installation of horizontal windows in a Queen Anne house, or terracotta tiles on a Victorian house.

Other sections of that website cover sustainability, renovating and an "interactive neighbourhood".