Salt attack and rising damp


Heritage Council NSW - Salt attack and rising damp: A guide to salt damp in historic and older buildings

The guide aims to provide owners, consultants and contractors with sufficient information to understand what causes salt attack and rising damp (and also falling and penetrating damp) and to diagnose and identify appropriate repairs for cases commonly seen in Australia. While emphasis is given to buildings of heritage value, the principles apply to all older buildings.

A copy of the guide can be downloaded here.

NSW Heritage Office Maintenance Series – Information Sheet 2.1 Rising Damp

Rising damp, a worldwide phenomenon, is a major cause of decay to masonry materials such as stone, brick and mortar. Even when mild it can cause unsightly crumbling of exterior masonry and staining of internal finishes. It may also cause musty smells in poorly ventilated rooms.

The Information Sheet provides a brief introduction to rising damp, its control and treatment, for the owner or manager of buildings of heritage value. A short bibliography of more detailed works on the subject is included for interested readers.

The information sheet can be downloaded here.


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