Maintenance Guidelines and Reference Books

The Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage, and Heritage Victoria websites contain technical notes on a number of different aspects relating to traditional building materials.

Topics covered include building materials, typical maintenance requirements and possible solutions for maintenance, including rising damp and salt attack. Notes are also available regarding heritage buildings and energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as heritage gardens and grounds.

Illustrated Glossary of Australian Rural Fence Terms

The Heritage Council, in conjunction with Macquarie University, have prepared the Illustrated Glossary of Australian Rural Fence Terms with the purpose of recording and explaining the many terms which have been applied to rural fences in Australia. Each term listed has been defined, described and illustrated, where possible.

An excerpt of the executive summary is repeated below.

..Fences were built at Sydney Cove as early as 1788 and subsequently have been built in almost every environment in Australia. The physical remains of early fences provide tangible historical evidence of the sequence of land settlement, development of legislation, importation and local innovation of fencing technology, environmental changes, and the hopes and aspirations of settlers...

What house is that?

Heritage Victoria have a heritage website which contains information on different architectural styles in Victoria, (which are comparative to those in Bathurst), from the early Victorian period through to modern architecture. As house styles have changed over time, sometimes gradually and sometimes dramatically, they reflect the attitudes and ideas of the time and remain as a built reminder of the collective unconscious of each architectural era.

When people choose to live in a house from an earlier architectural period, they usually want to preserve the original features and character. This website can assist in achieving that objective. It describes the main details of houses still present in Melbourne, (and elsewhere in the country), including their cultural background, key exterior and interior features and colour schemes. This information will assist owners when renovating, such as avoiding the installation of horizontal windows in a Queen Anne house, or terracotta tiles on a Victorian house.

Other sections of the Heritage Victoria website cover sustainability, renovating and an "interactive neighbourhood".

Bathurst City Library

In addition to the above online references, there are a range of books relating to maintenance and restoration of old houses. The list of books below are available for loan from the Bathurst Library.

  • How to Restore the Old Aussie House
  • Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses
  • Getting the Details Right: Restoring Australian Houses 1890s-1920s
  • The Federation House: A Restoration Guide
  • Australian House Styles
  • Caring for Old Houses
  • The Complete Australian Old House Catalogue : where to get absolutely everything to restore an old building

The above books are available for purchase at bookshops and restoration shops throughout Australia.