Guidelines for the Preparation of Statements of Heritage Impact (sohi)

When you are proposing to change an old place you may need to prepare a statement of heritage impact. The statement explains how your changes to that place will maintain what makes the place special. The statement will also present your case to Council to approve changes to an old place.

A statement of heritage impact may be required for changes proposed to:

(a)     A heritage item listed on the local environmental plan (LEP).
(b)     Places located within a heritage conservation area.
(c)     Places nearby to a heritage item or older buildings in a heritage conservation
(d)     On old place where council is of the opinion that the proposal may impact
          upon the significance of a heritage item, conservation area or a heritage item
          or conservation area within the vicinity of the subject property.
(e)     Unlisted properties that are over 50 years of age and considered to be of
          heritage significance.
(f)      Demolish a building which contributes to the heritage significance of the
          Bathurst Region.

Council has prepared a template guide to assist in the preparation of statements of heritage impact.