Heritage maps

Bathurst Conservation Area Management Strategy (BCAMS) Mapping

Council has a long established set of criteria for assessing the contribution of a building to the streetscape. This is known as the Bathurst Conservation Area Management Strategy (BCAMS). Council uses this information during the development assessment process.

Council officers, in conjunction with its Heritage Advisor, undertook a review of the BCAMS listing of the buildings within the Bathurst City and West Bathurst Heritage Conservation Areas. As part of the review a visual inspection was undertaken to ascertain the approximate age of the building and how the building contributes to the streetscape. It should be noted that the age of the building is based on a visual inspection, identifying building features that represent a period of construction.

Based on the information collected, Council has developed 2 maps which illustrate the approximate age of the building and their level of contribution to the streetscape.

Age of Building Map

These maps can be used as a guide to the approximate age of a building and to provide more certainty as to the contribution the building makes to the Heritage Conservation Area.

Heritage Conservation Areas

These are areas that are recognised and valued for the collective nature of the buildings and components that contribute to an overall heritage significance that is worth protecting. This may include the historical subdivision pattern, consistency of building style, siting and scale, materials or common age of building stock and landscaping that reflect a particular period or periods in the history and growth of the area.

Bathurst Regional Council lists eleven Heritage Conservation Areas within the Bathurst Regional Local Environmental Plan 2014. Click on the links below to see a map of each:

Bathurst/West Bathurst Heritage Conservation Area
Evans Plains Heritage Conservation Area
Hill End Heritage Conservation Area
Kelso Heritage Conservation Area
Peel Heritage Conservation Area
Perthville Heritage Conservation Area
Rockley Heritage Conservation Area
Sofala Heritage Conservation Area
Trunkey Creek Heritage Conservation Area
Wattle Flat Heritage Conservation Area