Bathurst Town Square/Bathurst TAFE

Former Bathurst TAFE site – Conservation Management Plan

In June 2013 Council accepted the offer from the NSW Government to take ownership of the former TAFE site in William Street Bathurst. Transfer of the site to Council has not yet been finalised.

In considering the future of the site, Council engaged consultants Hickson, McLachlan and White to prepare a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the former TAFE site. The TAFE site includes the former TAFE building on William Street and the former Bathurst Public School (now the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum) and Headmasters residence facing Howick Street and surrounding lands. The CMP also takes a wider view and considers the whole of the Bathurst Town Square (the block bounded by Russell, William, Howick and George Streets) as the Town Square forms the setting for the former TAFE buildings.

The CMP aims to guide the future of the former TAFE site in heritage terms. It seeks to determine the historical significance of the site and how that significance should be preserved and enhanced into the future. The plan outlines a range of management policies for the Bathurst Town Square generally and the former TAFE site specifically. It should be noted, however, that the CMP does not necessarily consider all development issues that may impact on the future redevelopment/reuse of the site.

Whilst a large document, each chapter of the CMP has been set up so that it can be read independently of the others.

Part 1 Document Summary
Part 2 History of the Site
Part 3 Heritage Significance of the former TAFE building facing William Street
Part 4 Heritage Significance of the former Public School facing Howick Street
Part 5 Heritage Significance of the Bathurst Town Square
Part 6 Key areas requiring repair
Part 7 Detailed recommendations for the former TAFE site and the Town Square
Part 8 Site inspection notes
Part 9 Building Code of Australia Compliance
Part 10 Addendums

A summary Fact Sheet is available here.

Bathurst Town Square Group

Formed in May 2009, the Bathurst Town Square Group, part of the Bathurst District Historical Society, is a community initiative to conserve the historic precinct bounded by Russell, George, Howick and William Streets in Bathurst NSW. For more information on the Bathurst Town Square and the Bathurst Town Square Group, please visit the following website:

Wish Upon a Square

The Bathurst Town Square Group (part of the Bathurst District Historical Society) hosted an exhibition “Evolution: The Changing Face of our Bathurst Town Square” at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum from September to November 2015.

Following the adoption of the Conservation Management Plan (CMP) in August 2015 Council released the plan in conjunction with this exhibition.

The video below provides a brief history of the Bathurst Town Square.  It sets the scene to identify what is your "wish" is for the future of the Bathurst Town Square?

Ninety nine submissions were received from the community as part of the campaign.

The communities wishes have been consolidated by Council and will inform ongoing master planning of the Bathurst Town Square and the future use of the former TAFE site.

The submission report is available here.



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