Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal Project/Scholarship

The Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal Project/Scholarship has grown out of the 2015 Bicentenary celebrations which introduced the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal, a nationally recognised annual prize awarding $25,000 to an individual who demonstrates a significant contribution to the protection and promotion of Australia’s built, social, cultural or environmental heritage outside their day to day role.

As Australia's oldest inland European settlement on the mainland, Bathurst is home to a range of built and environmental heritage sites and social and cultural lived experiences.  Through the Council and community Bathurst is committed to valuing the protection of its heritage and promoting this value to a national audience through the recognition of individuals who demonstrate their commitment to Australia's heritage.

The medal award was designed to celebrate all elements of heritage: built, social, cultural and environmental. 

  1. The goanna is the totem of the local Wiradyuri people and is used to represent cultural heritage.
  2. The Bathurst's historic Court House's roof is used to represent built and social heritage.
  3. The leaves of the Ribbon Gum tree, found in the region, is used to represent environmental heritage.
  4. The bird image is indicative of the black-shouldered kite, a common bird across Australia, representing environmental heritage.

The award was presented in 2015 – 2018 and acknowledge outstanding work in the protection and promotion of our heritage.

2015: Duncan Marshall 
2016: Prof Robyn Sloggett AM 
2017: Dr Scott Robertson 
2018: Dr Gianfranco Cresciani 

In 2018 Council re-focused the award and established the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Project/Scholarship to celebrate local major achievements in the region’s heritage and history and to support the continued learning and training of Bathurst’s residents in heritage management and conservation and heritage trades and skills.

Council has established a $10,000 scholarship or project grant to support an individual and/or community group/organisations to undertake a major work or learning in one of the following areas:

  1. Conservation, maintenance and adaptive reuse projects of heritage items or at risk buildings and sites of heritage value within the Bathurst Region.
  2. Promotion and interpretation of the history and heritage of the Bathurst region, its building and places, natural environment, people and projects and their embedded stories and enhance community reflection and understanding about the Bathurst region’s history.
  3. Support the learning in heritage management and conservation.
  4. Foster and support the growth of heritage trades and practices.

Since 2019 the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal Project was awarded to:

2019:  Lisa & Peter Davis – The Church Block, Eglinton

2020: Kim Bagot-Hiller  -Museums Studies and Collation of Theor Barker Research Material

Council was unable to award the Macquarie Heritage Medal in 2021 and 2022 because of restrictions placed on the budget resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Council is currently reviewing the future direction of the Macquarie Heritage Medal post-COVID.