State Significant Developments

Under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act projects can be classified as State Significant Development (SSD) if they are important to the State for economic, environmental or social reasons.

SSD projects require consent from the Independent Planning Commission or the Minister for Planning (or delegate).

The Department of Planning co-ordinates the detailed assessment of the merits of the project.

Many large scale renewable energy projects are deemed State Significant Developments (eg Solar Farms).

To read more about how these projects are considered, read our Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects Fact Sheet.

Currently, there is a proposal for a large scale solar farm, the Eglinton Solar Farm, proposed by Neoen on land near Eglinton. To date, the Scoping Report and the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements have been released.

To read more about the Eglinton Solar Farm project and to view these documents visit the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Major Projects page

Consideration of State Significant Developments, including the Eglinton Solar Farm project, rests with the State Government.