Contaminated land can have major economic, legal and planning implications for the community.

Contamination may limit land use potential or increase costs for developers and councils. Their investigation and clean-up is important to protect human health and the environment.

Council has an obligation to provide information on Planning Certificates (Section 10.7 Certificates) when Council's records indicate that contamination is or may be present on the land.  Council's Policy is available here.

Whilst contamination is mainly caused by heavy industrial and agricultural activities, all residents and small businesses need to protect the environment and reduce the potential for contamination to occur. Residents need to be aware of the requirement and precautions associated with:

  • importing fill
  • lead
  • asbestos
  • chemical storage and use
  • fuel storage
  • waste

Clean up of contaminated sites can be costly and land owners or known polluters are responsible for the clean-up costs associated with remediation. If you think land is potentially contaminated you may wish to discuss the matter with an experienced and qualified contamination consultant. Council officers may also be able to discuss the remedial measures required to develop land if it is contaminated.

More information can be found at the Central West Councils Environment & Waterways Alliance website.