BASIX is a NSW Government initiative aimed at introducing sustainable planning measures to residential developments. BASIX aims to improve energy and water efficiency for all residential dwelling types in NSW.
What does BASIX do?

BASIX sets sustainability targets for water and energy as well as minimum performance levels for the thermal comfort of proposed developments.

The targets are calculated based on NSW average benchmarks. The BASIX assessment tool assesses a project based on these benchmarks – taking into account regional variations such as soil type, climate, rainfall and evaporation rates.

Any new residential development including detached dwelling houses, dual occupancy, town houses or multi unit residential development must have a BASIX certificate.

In case of an residential alteration and addition you need to submit a BASIX certificate only if your development has a value of works greater than $50,000 or if your development is for a pool and/or spa of combined capacity more than 40 000L.

Certificates must be submitted to Council as part of the Development Application documentation.