Transportable dwellings


What is a Transportable Dwelling?

A transportable dwelling is a term commonly used to refer to dwellings that are transported (partly or wholly pre-assembled) to a site then installed. Another term for transportable dwelling is relocatable dwelling.

The installation of a transportable dwelling requires Development Consent and Approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act (sometimes referred to as a Local Approval) prior to the installation on the subject property. These requirements differ from the construction of a new building where the building is construction wholly on site from building materials.

In most cases a Section 68 Application to Install, Construct or Alter a Waste Treatment Device (Septic Tank Application) is submitted with the application to install a transportable dwelling.

Planning Circular PS 06-018 outlines the process as described by the Department of Planning and Environment.

A Basix certificate is not required for this type of development.


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