Exempt Development

Certain forms of low-impact development are exempt from the need to obtain planning or construction approval. If pre-set development standards are met, exempt development can be built without needing to be approved by either the local council or an accredited certifier. However, other legislative requirements for approvals, licences, permits and authorities may still apply.

Exempt development typically covers small-scale structures associated with a dwelling such as sheds, pergolas, fences, rainwater tanks, patios, carports and the like.

The pre-set criteria are contained in Council's Bathurst Regional Local Environmental Plan 2014 - Schedule 2 Exempt Development

Notification of Exempt Development application form

Notification of Exempt Development - Heritage Conservation

Notification of Exempt Development - Home business, home occupation and home based childcare

and the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008


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