Development Application

Information required to lodge a Development Application

Any proposed development that is not Exempt Development or Complying Development requires the approval of Council. A Development Application (DA) must be submitted to Council with accompanying documentation for consideration.

A checklist has been included on the application form detailing what information is required. For more complex applications please contact Councils duty planner on (02) 6333 6271.

Development Application Fees and Charges

Most applications require the payment of a variety of fees and can seem complex to our customers that are new to the application process.

These fees vary depending on the type of the development, the type of approvals requirement and the value of work.

For example a new dwelling the applicant may be either a Development Application and Construction Certificate Application, or a Complying Development Application if the required criteria can be satisfied. Fees will apply for each application as well as other fees including, State Government Levies such as the Long Service levy for all developments exceeding $25,000 in value and the Planning Reform levy for all developments exceeding $50,000 in value, as well as fees for inspections of plumbing inspections and building inspections.

You can contact one of Council's duty officers to ask questions about your application, or contact Council's Planning and Development Coordinators on 6333 6240 to obtain a quotation on the fees and charges that are applicable to your development.

For more information please view Council's Revenue Policy.


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