Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP)

Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPP) are responsible for making decisions on regionally significant development applications. In operation since July 2009, they are independent decision making bodies not subject to the direction of the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure (the Minister).

Members of the JRPP are appointed by the Minister and contain a mixture of Government and Council appointees. Further detail about its operating procedures may be obtained from the JRPP website.

Bathurst Regional Council is part of the Western Regional Planning Panel.

Developments that may require JRPP consent include:

  • Development with a Capital Investment Value (CIV) over $20 million,
  • Development with a CIV over $5 million which is:
    • Council related lodged by, or
    • on behalf of the Crown (State of NSW),or
    • for private infrastructure and community facilities or eco-tourist facilities,
  • Extractive industries, waste facilities and marinas that are designated development, certain coastal subdivisions, development with a CIV between $10 million and $20 million which is referred to the regional panel by the applicant after 120 days from lodgement as undetermined, and
  • Crown development applications (with a CIV under $5 million) referred to the regional panel by the applicant or local council after 70 days from lodgement as undetermined, or where recommended conditions are in dispute, or local council recommends refusal.

Development Applications are lodged with Council who undertake all assessment and notification procedures and prepare a report for consideration by the JRPP determination.