Unleashing the Regional Power of AUKUS

Published on 08 January 2024

Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE 15 January 2024

Unleashing the Regional Power of AUKUS

The AUKUS Forum, in collaboration with the NSW Government, the Renweld Industry Cooperative, and the Industry Capability Network - ICN, invites businesses from across the Central West - across all industries - to learn about new opportunities from AUKUS at a workshop on  Monday, 5 February from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm at Charles Sturt University.

Mayor Jess Jennings said the nuclear-powered submarine project with AUKUS thrusts Australia into a whole new world where innovation and technology rule.

“I personally chased this up via a local Bathurst community member to make contact with AUKUS late last year and that why we have this great starting opportunity to engage with the AUKUS program,” he said.

“The AUKUS Forum brings together industry, academia, researchers, government, and defence from the three member countries to provide valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of a diverse group united in a desire to make AUKUS work and identify the opportunities it presents”.

AUKUS will be much more than nuclear submarines and the opportunities will expand into all industries - The Prime Minister has said that AUKUS will be the largest industrial endeavour in Australia's history and will require a whole of nation effort.  AUKUS is already expanding from nuclear with a particular emphasis on cyber capabilities, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and more.

Join us to hear from defence industry leaders, world-leading researchers, and industry experts to build a whole new ecosystem to grow the AUKUS partnership.

Speakers include:

  • The Hon Joel Fitzgibbon, former Defence Minister (online)
  • Michael Sharpe (Director AUKUS Forum)
  • LT Colonel Jasmin Diab CSC, Nuclear Engineer
  • Jason Legge, Fujitsu Australia artificial intelligence

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